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Aleister Lam Welcomes All To The Monstrous Bestiary
I have always been fascinated with Monsters, Demons and Mythical Creatures; and it is also a long time dream to be able to illustrate some of these wonderous creatures that is no longer in physical existence anywhere in the world. The only way we can catch a glimpse of it is through the wonderous and inventive mind of artists who are able to brought about a physical form to these fantastic creatures of our wildest imagination.

Here in this gallery I will put up afew of these monsters and will gather informations about them; especially those lesser known monsters like The Piasa, The Questing Beast and those Medieval creatures known as the Monstrous Races.

Monstrous Contents :

Feature Monster Page (Current Page You are Viewing)

1)The Manticore (click on Picture to Aleister Lam's Art Gallery)

2)The Cretan Minotaur (click on Picture for origins of the Greek Monster)

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Feature the latest(incomplete)artwork by Aleister Lam

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New Picture updated on 28 Aug 2002 - The Dover Demon

[Mythical Monsters I]
1)The Questing Beast


3)The Cyclop

4) The Piasa

5) The Lupogryph

6) Barnardin, The Fish Boy

7) The Rkishi

[Mythical Monsters II]


2)The Egyptian Sefert

3)Gryphon Variation-Pyrippus

4)The Wendigo

[Monstrous Races]





[Vampires and Werewolves]

1)Classic Werewolf

2)The Atlas Vampire

3)Beast of Gevaudan

4)Vampire Hound

5)The Vrykolakas

6)Vampire Transformed

[Aliens and Other Monstrosity]

1)The Ultimate Alien Lifeform

2)The Ultimate Alien Lifeform II

3)Lovecraftian Beasts : The Great Cthulhu

4)Lovecraftian Beasts : The Vampiric Dagon

5)El Chupacabra : The Goat-sucker

6)The Jersey Devil

7)The Dover Demon

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Welcome To My Home Page

Welcome to the Monstrous Bestiary of Aleister Lam, this feature gallery I'll introduce 2 creatures that have been completed recently. The first in line is one of my favourite mythical creatures, which is The Manticore. Here's a short descriptive of this monster :

The agonising cries of a 10 yrs old pierced through the village like a runaway arrow; shattering the serenity of the village. When the villagers rushed to the scene, no trace of the child could be found; only the foot-prints of what seem to be a lion was present!

The village elder noticed that there were traces of stains on a leaf, it was what seem to be the venomous sap of the upas tree; he thus concluded that the child was the victim of the leonine, Manticore, as the stinger at the end of the monster contains a venomous substance that is similar to this sap.

This is a formidable creature of the forest of Borneo, it has rows of razor-sharp teeth with powerful chomping jaws that are able to grind and chew up every fragments of its victims. Everything including skulls, skeletons, clothings and even ornaments can be gobbled down that creatures voracious gullet. Often the complete vanishing of a person from these forests of Borneo is attributed to the appearance of a Manticore.

This is my favourite mythical creatures as I always have been fascinated with monsters that amalgamates with insectoid parts. Its unique combinations of human-like face, a body of a scarlet lion, optional wings (some text describe it with wings while some don't) and a fatal scorpion sting at the end of its tail attracts even historians like Ctesias, Pliny the Elder and Aristotle to have mentioned it.

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Mythical Monsters : The Cretan Minotaur
The Bull-man of Crete; half bull and half man, he is a dreaded monster that feasted on the fear of the weak, especially virgin maidens. For more infomations on the origin of the Minotaur, click on the picture.


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